Our Warranty

Carlsen Warranty and Terms

Our Larsen & Shaw brand architectural hinge, featuring our flange bearing, carry a limited warranty of 25 years on the functional operation of the hinge, while the flat washer version carries a 10 year limited warranty. The warranty limitations are standard for the industry and include damage arising from abuse, misuse, modification, improper handling and storage, incorrect installation or adjustment and all other circumstances beyond the control of Larsen & Shaw Limited.

Every Larsen & Shaw product has been carefully manufactured and is guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship or materials. Our liability under all warranties, expressed or implied, shall be limited to the replacement of goods proven to be defective, but no claims for damage incurred or for work done thereon will be allowed.

Quality Standards

The quality management system at Larsen & Shaw is certified by QMI-SAI Canada to be in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and utilizes Standard Quality Control procedures including Statistical Process Control (S.P.C.).

Ease of Installation

All hinges are individually packaged with #10 wood and metal screws and non-handed hole patterns and are available in brushed or polished finish.

Long Lasting, Maintenance Free

The full height of the door is supported by the hinge. The doors stay perfectly aligned, eliminating stress on closers, automatic operators and locking hardware. Our standard Larsen & Shaw brand hinge goes beyond the standard for the industry. Although we can offer flat washers like others do, our standard hinge features flange bearings which prevent metal on metal contact,thus eliminating the formation of unsightly dust on the knuckles - a cause of failure due to wear. This results in a major improvement in longevity, backed by the best warranty in the business.

Heavy Duty, Secure Energy Efficient

Material is 0.075" (14 gauge) steel and stainless steel. Pin is 0.187" diameter stainless steel with two flange bearings between knuckles for smooth & quiet function, or a 0.250" stainless steel pin with the traditional flat washer option. Continuous hinge is ideal for applications where doors and frames are subject to abuse. With no gaps between door and frame, these applications are private, doors cannot be pried open and there is a permanent weather barrier and reduced air infiltration from top to bottom.

ISO Certificate