Service and Delivery

Carlsen Precision Manufacturing, brings three generations of know how and experience to hardware solutions. Hinge engineering and tooling technology are our strengths, however the people at Carlsen Precision Manufacturing are our advantage. Our employees bring the highest ethics to work with them everyday.

LEAN Manufacturing - Our Guiding Principle

Value Stream Mapping, Pull Scheduling, Kanban, Kaizen Events, 5S, all part of a manufacturing philosophy that eliminates waste and along with our technology ensures nobody in the world can make a better quality product as efficiently as we can. Carlsen Precision Manufacturing operates under this "continuous improvement" philosophy for nearly 10 years and although the journey to "LEAN" perfection never ends, we are well traveled in putting the LEAN components into practice - it is our mind set, everyday, for every part.

Deliver Quickly, on Time, Every Time

It does not take six weeks to make a part. In fact it may only take a few minutes to make one. The difference between a few minutes and six weeks is wasted time and our customers do not want to pay for waste. We build to your requirements and we meet delivery dates that no one else in the industry can match. Key measurements of our success are continuously lowering the time from when your order is placed to the time product arrives at your required location - on time. The launch of Carlsen Precision Manufacturing further reduces the lead time since we are within hours of key markets.

"One Stop" Service

One place to call that has all the people needed to respond - from those that purchase the raw material, to those that ship it out the door and everyone in between - is how you define the best service possible. This is Carlsen Precision Manufacturing. - people addressing any issue without having to get answers from somewhere else.