Carlsen Precision Manufacturing is pleased to provide you with a full range metal products for industrial, vehicular, medical, commercial & architectural applications.

Material Options

 SS - Stainless Steel (300 series)

  • Great strength
  • Rust resistant and can be polished to a bright
    or satin or brushed finish
  • For highly corrosive areas, 316 grade or clear
    coat over the standard 304 grade is
 Plated Carbon Steel

  • All the strength of plain steel with good rust resistance
  • The beauty of stainless steel for less cost and the ability to match the colour of the decor 

 PS - Carbon Steel (200 series)

  • Great strength but is subject to corrosion
  • Atmosphere must be stable or it will begin
    to rust
  • Best application is a controlled environment

 Painted Carbon Steel

  • The strength of plain steel with good rust resistance
  • More costly than plated, but offers more options to match decor
  • Recommended for interior use only