Installation Instructions

The full height of the door is supported by the hinge. The doors stay perfectly aligned, eliminating stress on closers, automatic operators and locking hardware. Our standard Larsen & Shaw brand hinge goes beyond the standard for the industry. Although we can offer flat washers like others do, our standard hinge features flange bearings which prevent metal on metal contact, thus eliminating the formation of unsightly dust on the knuckles - a cause of failure due to wear. This results in a major improvement in longevity, backed by the best warranty in the business.

All hinges are individually packaged with #10 wood and metal screws and non-handed hole patterns and are available in brushed or polished finish.

 Installation Instructions

 Instructions for Cutting Continuous Hinges
Instructions for Cutting
Continuous Hinge 

 LS302 Installation Instructions
 LS302 Installation

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 LS302 Installation
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